Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flooring and More Blog Thoughts on 2010

Well a New Year has hit! I hope you had a great and safe holiday. 2010 is here and I'm going to put my predictions out there for flooring (do not hold me to this as there are many others out there much more informed than me, but hey it's fun!).

  • Luxury Carpet will continue to make a a come back. The housing market seems to be coming back and with it demand for higher quality, more plush, rich carpeting will be as well. The lower end, value carpeting products still have their place, but I think house flipping and rental investments will take a while to come back so those buying carpet will be buying for themselves. Along with luxury and designer carpet, I think Smartstrand from Mohawk will also continue to make big splashes.

  • This next one will upset some people. I think the Eco market in general will die down. Some products like Smartstrand and P.E.T. carpeting will do well, but I think the Bamboo trend is going to start tapering similar to laminate. I have no data to back this up, but Bamboo is a trendy floor subject to lose out to the next fad. Bamboo is a good floor, don't get me wrong, but with other options out there it may start to loose a small bit of luster. Consumers (including myself are fickle and are always looking for the next big thing).

  • The next big thing is going to continue to be vinyl plank flooring. Not the cheap stuff you get at the big home improvement stores but the luxury vinyl offerings out there. As I saw first hand this year, the public is becoming more aware of the superb qualities of luxury vinyl planks. Luxury vinyl wood looking planks (and vinyl ceramic looking tiles) will continue to be the next big thing. All data I saw last year was this segment grew by over 30%. I expect it to grow even more this year. Look out for the new Do it yourself luxury vinyl floor coming from Armstrong called Luxe.

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