Monday, May 25, 2009

The Secret to Discount Carpet in Dalton, Ga

Dalton, Ga is the place to buy Discount Carpet! At we see a lot of Carpet deals on promotional goods, seconds and overruns that dealers not in Dalton, Ga usually don't get to see. Since almost yard of Carpet made is produced in or around Dalton, it only makes sense that the deals and discounted carpet are in Dalton!

Right now is an amazing time to buy buying floorcovering. Carpet manufacturers are lowering prices and the hard surface guys are following close behind on wood, vinyl, laminate. We are even seeing blowout prices on high end area rugs as well. Be sure to call us at Beckler's Carpet, a Dalton original family business since 1949, 1-800-232-5537 and lets us try to beat your best deal on discount carpet or other flooring!

Beckler's also has great deals on Joy Carpet Kids Classroom Educational rugs. Call us to compare pricing!

For the whole story on the secret to saving money on carpet, check out our published article on Ezine Articles! The article covers various ways carpet is discounted as promotional flooring, factory overruns, seconds, short rolls on carpet floocovering and other options to save money on your floor. has been flooring America since 1949! 1-800-232-5537

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carpet Squares and Carpet Tiles, why have they gotten so popular?

What are Carpet Squares and why are they a trend in floorcovering? Carpet Tiles or Squares have been around a long time. I remember my parents using them in our basement 35 years ago as a cheap way to cover the concrete floor for a play area. However, squares and tiles have come a long way in the flooring market since then.

Typically squares and tiles manufactured from carpet goods, are used most popularly in the Do-It-Yourself market segment. A very common use is a playroom. Other areas we see Carpet Tiles installed are bonus rooms and basements. Almost anyone can install these themselves with a level, clean floor and a good carpet knife!

As many tiles and squares now have an integral padding with a tacky underside, you simply start with a level layout and work your way throughout the room. Not only are they easy to put down, but if you ever get one soiled enough that needs changing, you simply pull it up and replace it with a spare (yes, hint, buy extra when you purchase to have extras later on down the road).

The more predominant squares come in 18"x18" and have a residential look and feel of a cut pile or trackless style of carpet. You will see a variety of different yarns used in manufacturing. Another type of square seen in the market is the commercial loop design, This design will usually come in 3'x3' squares and have a little heavier rubbery backing than the residential styles. You can use either one depending on the look and style you like.

If you are going with a solid tile, think about doing a checkerboard design! This design looks great when down and can give a room a little more flair than just a solid color.

One last flooring information hint, be careful when shopping for Carpet squares and tiles. The price may be a little deceiving. If the tiles are $3.00 a foot, that's $27.00 a yard! For $27.00 a yard you can get much better carpet and padding with installation for less money. Just keep an eye out for deals under $1.59 or so per yard if you are looking for an inexpensive solution. The idea of using carpet squares centers around being able to do it yourself, not necessarily saving a lot of money on materials. Don't get me wrong, you can find great deals out there, just make sure you make an informed decision when looking at options.

Be sure to call us @, 1-800-232-5537 to see what our in stock specials are on Carpet Squares and Tiles! We usually have tiles as low as $0.69/per foot!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Legend Hardwood Flooring in Dalton Ga

Looking for prices on Legend Exotic Hardwood flooring? in Dalton, GA is the place to check! If you haven't heard about the Legend series of exotic hardwood floors, then you need to take a look at the offering they have. Legend manufactures wood floors with some very reasonable prices on all exotics including Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry (stained and natural), Walnut, Tigerwood, Kempas, Mahogany, Maple and even a rustic hand scraped product. At Beckler's Carpet, we can have samples shipped anywhere so if you see something you like on our website in the Legend section on our hardwood page, give us a call, 1-800-232-5537. Be sure to ask for Paul Collins or Beth Starks for help on this exciting line of hardwood.

I also just had an article published about the Legend Exotic Hardwood Flooring styles on Ezinearticles. You can check out the article if you like!

Give Beckler's a call for all of your floorcovering needs, 1-800-232-5537!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nafco Permastone Modular is a great vinyl tile look

The new Nafco PermaStone Modular Tile line of luxury vinyl is a new concept on the hottest thing going in flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks have become extremely popular in recent months and Nafco's new tile is no exception. The unique feature of the Permastone line is that it creates a look of a custom tile floor with 3 different sizes to give a different look than traditional squares. It also has a special grout look fit to achieve a very realistic feature to give your room a high end look.

As popular as luxury vinyl planks have become, we think Permastone tile will be a leader in vinyl tile. With a variety of looks and color blends, it not only looks realistic but will perform great in a home. For more on Nafco Tiles and Permastone you can visit the manufacturer's site as well at Nafco.

We are still one of the country's most active Kardean Vinyl dealers as well. We think the Karndean and Nafco will compliment each other as they are both very high quality products. If you are looking to purchase a Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank for your home, be sure to give us a call @, 1-800-232-5537!

Beckler's Carpet has been flooring America since 1949.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Carpet Squares, where is the best place to buy?

Why are Cheap Carpet Squares or tiles as some call them, a great option for do it yourself flooring projects? Well, they can go down easily in a day or less, require little prep work usually and are replaced with ease down the road if a tile or square ends up stained or in damaged. Of course the main reason is you can get amazing deals on carpet squares of you look hard enough. At Beckler's Carpet, most of our best deals on tiles never make it to a web page because they are sold too quick for us to get them listed.

We have a lot of customers that use squares and tiles in bonus rooms, finished basements, loft rooms, play rooms, or theme rooms (using 2 colors or styles in a checker board pattern can really look great!!) You can also create room patterns with them, it's up to you! When shopping for discounted carpet square flooring the best thing to do is call and let us know what you are looking for and what kind of room you're doing. When we know what you're trying to accomplish, we can point out some of the better deals out there.

Give us a call at, 1-800-232-5537 for great deals on carpet tiles and all other floorcovering options!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eco friendly flooring information, what are the options?

So you're wondering what are the options for Eco Flooring and how are the available products dissimilar? There are quite a few proven floorcovering options for Eco Friendly conscious consumers. Some of these you may be aware of, some of them you may not. There is a ton of data and flooring information available on Green and Eco friendly floors. The basic types are classified as hard surface and soft surface.

The most commonly discussed Green flooring options are hard surface. Bamboo has recently gained a lot of popularity because of it's high sustainability factor. Bamboo grows rapidly and can be processed into an attractive wood looking floorcovering. One thing to remember is that cheaply priced Bamboo floors tend to have fairly high significant levels of chemicals, including formaldehyde, so off-gasing can be an issue after installation and over time. If considering Bamboo, go with at least a mid-range quality product and stay away from the cheap stuff (if it's $.99/ft you probably don't want it). A good question to ask when buying Bamboo is where is it processed. If it is processed in the US, it's worth considering. The Asian processed product is one you also want to eliminate from consideration (high chemical content).

Another, quickly growing hard surface Green floor trend is Cork. Cork is harvested from the outer part of the tree, so the tree itself is not killed in the process and more Cork can be taken from the same tree years later. This makes Cork a great Eco floor as it is very sustainable. Cork is highly durable, provides a great insulation factor for temperature and noise and is even hypo allergenic in most forms. It also can give a very unique look to a room. Cork can sometimes be installed over an existing floor as well. Cork is very versatile and a super all around choice. One caution, some Cork products can fade in sunlight so be sure to consider where you are putting the floor.

Some experts consider true, solid, hardwood floors as an Eco option. The downfall is that trees are harvested for the final product. However, the Green thought is that the floor that comes as an end result is a floor that will last in most cases the life of the home, without need for replacing with other flooring. This eliminates product going to the landfill. When the hardwood floor is no longer needed, it is very landfill friendly as it is a natural product and not synthetic.

There are multiple soft surface textile choices for purchasing Green/Eco friendly floors. One is a popular carpet style called P.E.T Carpet (Polyethylene terephthalate). P.E.T yarn is constructed from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles. Typically, these bottles cannot be used for recycling into use for their original use, so a large amount annually of this waste is used back into the process for crating carpet yarn. PET carpet does has an excellent wear life and is resistant to most forms of stains as a side benefit.

A recent breakthrough in Green friendly carpet is a yarn created from a fiber from DuPont™ called Sorona®. This fiber is partially processed and manufactured from Corn Syrup which is an extremely sustainable product and also biodegradable. This product is currently available from Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet.

There are many choices available in flooring for an Eco friendly floor. Once you decide if you want a hard surface or soft surface, you can then decide which of the options best fit your budget. Be sure to call Beckler's Carpet for more Eco flooring information at 1-800-232-5537.

As a side note, one of my published articles is about to crack the top ten for the flooring category, it is a great read on the secret to saving money on carpet flooring projects!

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