Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's the difference between Shag and Frieze Carpet?

What's the difference between Frieze and Shag carpet? It's a lot easier to show in person than explain in a post but here goes!

Shag carpet is usually constructed with a thicker yarn and with less twist than Frieze carpet. Frieze usually has a slightly shorter height on the yarn that Shag. Due to the lower twist in the yarn in Shag carpet, Shag may sometimes fell softer as well. Although this may seem like a plus, the high amount of twist in Frieze carpet gives it a longer lasting "memory" and helps against heavy traffic and wear.

Frieze is also considered more conservative than Shag. Shag can make a bold statement for a room's decor whereas Frieze is more likely to accent a room's layout.

Shag's and Frieze both offer options besides solid colors. The difference is that Shag has options that are multicolor. In multicolor Shag, the yarn used are still solid colors but two different color yarns are incorporated. With a multicolor Frieze, the yarn is flecked, or spotted and has a salt and pepper look when using multiple colors.

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ADDED January 17th video below. I hope this video helps show the differences. It's my first attempt on doing a video so go easy on me!

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