Saturday, March 7, 2009

Discount carpet in Dalton Ga

Why is Dalton, GA the place to look for discount carpet? In the early 1900's a nich market took place along Hwy 41 with local citizens selling handcrafted Chenille bedspreads along the roadside and small storefronts. With the advent of better technology in the mid 1900's the production of bedspreads became more industrialized and product could be produced on equipment much faster than older methods. Small companies were built to produce the bedspreads in higher quantities. These same companies started experimenting with other ways to use this method of textiles to manufacture new products, hence the birth of carpet. With the majority of both carpet manufacturer's and carpet and textile equipment oem's located in Dalton, Ga, the little town in North Ga became the discount carpet capitol of the world.

With so much discount carpet flooring produced locally, retail/wholesale flooring stores and outlets began to boom. These stores, since located close to the manufacturing, could get material quicker and cheaper than stores located farther away. With the exponential growth in business due to their locale, the stores could stock more as well as they were selling more than out of town stores. With more annual sales, their buying power increased and therefore they get access to special deals on overruns, seconds, off color goods, promotional flooring, special private labeled floorcovering etc. It's a productive cycle for both the retailer and the manufacturer.

An interesting thing happened in the 1970's. Discount Carpet stores in Dalton, noticed that when consumers purchased carpet, they also wanted to purchase their vinyl/linoleum, hardwood flooring, tile flooring etc from the same outlet. Dalton carpet retailers and wholesalers embraced this and became the consumer mecca for all types of cheap flooring.

Up until the late 80's or so, there were a bazillion (actually hundreds) of carpet manufacturer's. Some had big plants, some were in chicken houses. By the late 1980's early 90's, All of the manufacturing companies had been bought or merged into 3 companies. Those 3 being (in no particular order) Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu. All three still have a majority of their manufacturing based in Dalton or close by.

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