Sunday, November 29, 2009

What and Where to Buy Carpet Flooring for an RV Camper

I have run across many a camper and RV'er who isn't really sure on where to start for the two most popular needs that a camper runs across.

The first type of flooring that I get asked about is where to get an outdoor piece of carpet for putting outside a travel trailer, 5th wheel camper or a pop up camper. It's pretty simple, just locate a flooring store that stocks outdoor carpet or grass. Usually, outdoor carpet and grass carpet is pretty inexpensive. Both come available in 6ft and 12ft widths. Normally for putting something right outside a camper, 6 foot wide goods will work just fine. You can even use boat carpet which is sometimes available in 8 foot widths. Outdoor carpet, artificial grass or turf and boat carpet are all suited well for getting wet and also extremely flexible and pliable for folding up and taking with you when you're done camping. You should be able to buy any of these types of flooring and carpet for around $4.99 a yard, maybe even less if you find someone that sells carpet seconds and offgoods in these products. Beckler's Carpet in Dalton Ga, usually has good deals on grass carpet and outdoor carpet as well, 1-800-232-5537. A hint is that 6 foot wide products are much easier and cheaper to ship around the country.

If you are looking to put new carpet in your rv or camper, you might want to consider using commercial carpet tiles. They can be cheap (Beckler's sells them as little as $.89 per square foot) and easy to install. With some double sided tape or adhesive dots, you can put them in an RV camper in little time and with minimal effort. The plus side is that they don't mind a little water on them if you're tracking in from outside and they can be removed later for pressure washing if they get too dirty. Commercial carpet tiles also have a low pile height so they shouldn't interfere with being to thick to install. These tiles also handle heavy traffic extremely well.

I hope this gives you an idea on what to consider! I plan on getting a travel trailer or pop up soon myself so I hope to see you on the road somewhere!

Be sure to call us at, 1-800-232-5537 and let us have a shot at your next flooring project.

Friday, November 27, 2009

What kind of Carpet flooring to use for a Roller Skating rink?

I'm sure this isn't a daily question, but what are the best options for carpeting around a roller skating rink?

Well for starters, you need a short pile carpet so the skates will roll just fine on the floor. Any type of plush, shag etc, will not work. The shorter the carpet height and denser the carpet the better. What you really need is one of two options.

Option 1 is commercial carpet tile. Commercial carpet tiles are a form of modular carpeting that come in tiles or squares with the backing pre attached. These are usually 18 inches by 18 inches all the way up to 36 inches by 36 inches. These have a short, thick construction which works great for around the outside of the skating rink. Also, as they are modular, you can replace them easily if one or a few become torn or stained. The nice thing is you can find these at a heavy discount at Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, GA for as low as 89 cents per square foot (or sometimes even cheaper!).

Option 2 is to go with a short pile commercial carpet that is roll goods. These can come in 15 and 12 foot wide selections. You can also check out Joy Carpet, a manufacturer of unique glow in the dark carpeting for places like roller rinks, arcades, game rooms, card rooms, home theaters, etc. Beckler's in Dalton also sells many different types of inexpensive commercial carpet as well as all of the products made by Joy Carpet.

Give us a call at www., 1-800-232-5537 for any unique carpeting projects you may have!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oriental and Area Rug Dealer in Atlanta-Great Deals!

So you've decided it's time to get that Area rug or Oriental rug that you have been putting off for a while? There are plenty of rug dealers in Atlanta. How do you decide where to start?

You might consider finding one close to you for convenience. It might make sense to decide a specific rug you are looking for first. Or, you may decide that price or selection are the main factors.

At Beckler's Carpet you don't have to decide on which of the above is the most important. We are only 45 minutes North of Marietta and open until 6pm during the week and 4pm on Saturdays. Beckler's carries virtually every brand of Oriental (handwoven and machine made) and Area rugs. With brands like Dalyn, Nourison, Momeni, Shaw Living and many others, your options and selections in our Rug showroom will impress you and are well worth the short trip up to see us.

If you're wondering, yes, we can have custom rugs madewith borders and accents to match your exact decor no matter how simple or exotic your request.

Shopping in Atlanta to buy the perfect rug or carpet doesn't have to be hard. One trip to Beckler's can get you the unique rug you want at a great price without the hassle of multiple trips all over the perimeter! Give us a call at 1-800-232-5537 and ask for the rug department for directions, information or even pricing if you already know what you want. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Beckler's Carpet has been flooring America since 1949! 1-800-232-5537 Exit 328 off of I-75

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trying to Find a Carpet Seconds Wholesaler?

If you're looking to find a Carpet Wholesaler who stocks seconds, promotionals, off goods, clearances, overruns etc, than it can sometimes seem like your looking for a needle in a haystack. Most of these deals originate in Dalton, GA and then filter throughout the retail stores across the country. You will more than likely have to purchase your carpets from one of the flooring wholesalers to get the best deal. By the time it gets to your local dealer, the cheap prices have been eaten up by multiple mark ups.

If you're within a few hours of Dalton for example, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Huntsville, Knoxville, Nashville, etc a short drive can save hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, what if you're not?

The most simple way is to call a large wholesaler in Dalton and tell them what you are looking for (hopefully you will call us at Beckler's Carpet, 1-800-232-5537!). Beckler's receives approximately 2 to 3 tractor trailers a week in carpet seconds, overruns, overstock etc. Tell us what kind of carpet (shag, plush, Berber, frieze, printed commercial), the color (as an example, light brown, dark green, burgundy, mauve, chocolate etc), and any other specifics about what you want and we can send out a free sample direct to you that day of our current selections that fit your needs.

Beckler's inspects every single roll of carpeting that is bought as a second, closeout, overstock etc. We grade these as A, B, C, or D. A's and B's are an excellent option to consider. Although, seconds in carpets don't come with a warranty, the actual construction of the carpet is perfectly fine. the carpet me be slightly off color or have slight line discolorations that you will never see once installed.

As a Wholesale dealer who stocks these promotionals, closeouts, and seconds, Beckler's can offer up to a 60 or 70% savings over a first quality floor that you might find in a local independent flooring outlet or the large home improvement stores.
These carpet deals don't last long and they sell quickly! Call us at 1-800-232-5537 or visit for more great flooring deals. Tell us you saw it on the blog!
If you would like more information about carpet off goods, you can read more in our of our articles about Carpet Seconds.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Milliken Discount Carpet Tiles and Squares

Milliken is an industry leader in commercial carpet tiles and modular squares. Commercial carpet tiles and squares are used in everything from offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, day care centers, schools and even homes (great for basements, playrooms, bonus rooms, etc.).

Carpet tile is the easiest flooring to install. If it's a commercial application you will want to use glue. In a residential setting or home you can loose lay them or use double sided tape. The advantage of modular carpet is that you can replace a tile very easily later on if it becomes dirty or damaged.

If you're looking to use carpet squares or tile, you will definitely want to consider buying discounted carpet tiles. Discounted carpet squares and tiles made from carpet can save you up to 70% or so.

These discount carpet tiles are usually promotional goods, overruns or seconds. in Dalton, carries many styles in large amounts of Milliken Carpet Tiles in seconds and offgoods. Our inventory varies weekly so be sure to call us at 1-800-232-5537 to check availability on what we currently have in stock. Please can check out our current inventory here at Milliken Discounted Carpet Tiles and Squares. Make sure you mention you saw it on the blog!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Konecto Vinyl Plank Flooring - Wood Look with Performance

Konecto vinyl floors are high quality resilient flooring crafted to mimic hardwood planks. Konecto both looks and feels similar to wood because of the embossing that takes place in the manufacturing process. There are a ton of features that come with Konecto Vinyl "Wood" plank flooring.

  • In some cases in can be installed over existing hard surface floors

  • Super easy to clean

  • Waterproof and extremely stain resistant

  • Will not chip or crack (unlike real wood and ceramic tile)

  • Much warmer underfoot than other hard surface flooring

  • You can replace planks later if needed.

There are several primary series of Konecto (MetroFloor) products. These are the Country, Prestige (Sunrise), Sierra, Bellagio, and Sorento. Warranties vary from 7 years all the way up to 30 years depending on the product you pick.

Konecto also offers planks and tiles that simulate other natural surfaces such as Slate, Stone, marble and Tile.

Konecto can also be affordable when compared to other high end vinyl plank products. Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, GA offers unbeatable deals on Konecto and stocks various styles ready to ship same day to anywhere in the country. Just because the prices are discounted and cheap doesn't mean the value is! You can also visit for more info and selection on Konecto.

Be sure to give us a call at Becklers Carpet, 1-800-232-5537 and let us give you pricing that will make you glad you called! As with all of our discount floorcovering products, there is no sales tax when shipped outside of GA. Be sure to mention you saw it on the blog! We look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Clearances

If you're looking to do a room or two and need to find a deal on hardwood or laminate floors, finding a clearance sale is a great way to save a lot of money. If you aren't super picky, you can get your floor cheap, maybe even save up to 70%. Clearances or closeouts on laminate and wood flooring are typically when a dealer has small lots left over from a large buy they have made. Wood and laminate deals may also be when a style or color has been discontinued. These small lots aren't enough to do an entire home but usually you can find enough to do a room or several rooms. It makes sense to the dealer to offer substantially lower pricing on these small amounts to clear the inventory.

Low prices on Laminate can be found discounted around $0.59 cents per foot. Even prefinished solid and engineered hardwood can be bought for as little as $0.69 cents per foot. That can mean a huge savings to help with a tight budget!

Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, GA has a large selection of closeouts on both laminate and hardwood floors. For example, Kempas solid hardwood flooring as low as $.99 per foot. Solid Kempas normally sells for around $5.00 a foot! Engineered Brazilian Cherry for as little as $.59 cents per square foot. Even Wilsonart flooring as cheap as $1.49 (that's a super deal for Wilsonart).

Please check here to view our Hardwood and Laminate Clearance Center. You can also call us Monday through Friday until 6pm and Saturdays until 4pm to ask about these and other deals, 1-800-232-5537! If you live in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Huntsville, Knoxville or Nashville, you within a short drive to see these yourself. We would love to have you visit! Be sure to mention you saw it on the blog.

Thanks for visiting our Dalton, GA flooring information blog!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Flexitec Floor - Vinyl Loose Lay Product

Flexitec Vinyl Floors have become very popular over recent years with the advent of loose lay vinyl flooring. The ease of a loose lay, vinyl resilient floor gives all the advantages of the high performance of vinyl with the ease of no glue installation (depending on your room width for seaming).

With Flexitec, you have a wide array of product offerings including Canyon, Step, Luna, Wonderwood (Wonderwood - Santiago pictured above), Avanti and others. Flexitec vinyl floor covering gives a wonderful, simulated wood look or even the realistic look of natural tile.

Of course Flexitec is easy to clean and maintain since it is a vinyl based product. It's unique PVC base prevents Flexitec from curling and cracking as other vinyl products may tend to do over time.

Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, GA is known not only for some of the best deals on carpet, but loose lay vinyl as well. We carry virtually every brand of resilient vinyl including Flexitec. We also carry inventory in seconds and off goods in loose lay vinyl to offer even deeper savings! Whether you drive to see us from Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga or Knoxville or you need us to ship your vinyl directly to your doorstep, Beckler's can save you money!
Be sure to call us at 1-800-232-5537 and ask about Flexitec and other loose lay vinyl deals! You can also visit us at Be sure to mention the blog!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mullican Hardwood Floor Special on Solid Plank

Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, Ga has purchased 10 trailer loads of Mullican Hardwood Floors. Very often a consumer has to choose between a cabin grade (low end, high waste, grade with high amounts of defects) and select grade (premium board quality, little to no waste on installation) with price being the deciding factor. With the pricing that Beckler's has on the Quail Hollow series from Mullican, you can buy Select grade, Oak, solid / nail down, prefinished hardwood flooring for the same price as you would pay for cabin grade! The Quail Hollow series is a 3" wide plank with an aluminum oxide finish that has been graded out as a select product with a 25 year warranty. Even the so called "Liquidators" and salvage centers can't touch our price of $2.79 per foot on this 3/4" nail down wood floor offering.

3/4 inch, prefinished flooring from Mullican is a great option if you are building or remodeling. Solid oak floors add value as well as give a distinguished look to any room. At our price of $2.79, you are going to save around $1 a foot compared to any other deal in the country (that's saving $1,000 on a 1,000 square foot job!). With this kind of savings, you could even have money left over to purchase some great rugs for your new floor (Beckler's has an amazing rug center filled with virtually every brand of custom, woven and print rugs).

Quail Hollow, a part of the Mullican Hardwood flooring line is available in 4 great colors, Gunstock, Saddle, Red Oak Natural, and Stirrup. Beckler's Carpet has all 4 in stock in Dalton, GA (just a short drive from Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Knoxville, Nashville and Huntsville!). Of course we ship all over the country as well and there is no sales tax if shipped outside of GA.
We would love to ship you out a FREE sample today of any of the colors. Please give us a call, 1-800-232-5537 and ask about the special on Quail Hollow by Mullican. You can also visit for more details on this great product!
Stay tuned for more great Dalton, GA flooring information.