Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stainmaster Flooring

Stainmaster flooring is a great product offering for us at Stainmaster is a complete line of flooring products that include Carpet, Padding, floor cleaner, Area rugs and even vinyl resilient flooring.

Most people think of Stainmaster as the leader in carpet stain protection. Rightly so! However, did you know that due to it's design, Stainmaster's carpet fibers are inherently superior in wear factor as well? Also, the stain protection in the carpet does not wear off with cleaning as with other stain protection products! There are also many offerings in Area rugs made with Stainmaster as well. Be sure to ask your salesperson if the rug is Stainmaster or not.

Another big Stainmaster product for us is carpet padding. This line of padding used with flooring has a unique breathable barrier that keeps spills on top of the padding. By doing the this stain and spill does not soak into the padding. Other carpet padding can absorb the spill or stain and continue to degrade the carpet from beneath. Also, if you buy Stainmaster Carpet and Padding together, you get an extended warranty on the carpet! Ask us about it! is a one stop shop for all of your Stainmaster Flooring needs. Be sure to call us and we will do our best to get you a great deal on your next floorcovering job.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

PET Carpet (recycled plastic bottle carpet)

With the focus on Eco and Earth last week, I wanted to touch on a carpet type that has actually been around a few years now. P.E.T. Carpet (Polyethylene terephthalate) is carpet that has yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Most of these carpets are made from 100% recycled content, not just a blend. Recently, Eco flooring types have been promoted as Bamboo and Cork for their sustainability, but PET carpet has been overlooked somewhat of late. Almost all recycled plastic bottles cannot be recycled and reused as drinking container plastic. It has something to do with the chemical properties of the plastic and it absorbing the molecules of the last liquid in it ( a guy that works for a Coke bottling plant tried to explain it to me, but it was pretty technical). Since the bottles can't be reused for their original use, carpet makes perfect sense instead of the plastic sitting in a landfill!

In my opinion, this makes PET Carpet, one of the most Eco friendly options out there on the market. Due to it's plastic nature, it is very stain resistant as well. It feels very good to the touch also. You will never know it was made from bottles!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Luxury Vinyl Plank options

Beckler's is continuing to expand our Luxury Vinyl Plank options. We've been very successful with our Karndean line, which is the Cadillac of vinyl planks. We've also seen an upswing in Nafco and Earthwerks products. will soon be announcing a new Luxury Plank in the $1.29/per sq ft range! This is not a peel and stick, low end product! It will look great and hold up tremendously well compared to standard vinyl sheet flooring or other low end vinyl planks you might see at the big orange box store. With all of the advantages of luxury vinyl compared to laminate and hardwood, this new product we are going to be carrying will be a big hit.

Luxury Vinyl planks are extremely moisture resistant, much more so than laminate (no laminate in kitchens, a sink leak will kill the floor!) and solid wood. They are also very easy to clean and look amazing due to the individual plank design.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prefinished Oak hardwood versus Unfinished Oak

Prefinished Oak hardwood flooring vs Unfinished Oak flooring. It's a difference that consumers deal with when considering installing a hardwood floor in their new or existing home.

More often than not, the appeal of having a custom floor is alluring to the consumer. If you're dead set on having the wood have a perfect match to your custom stained cabinets, and you can't find a prefinished floor that goes with them, then looking at unfinished is probably an option for you. However, that it about the only reason an unfinished floor should be considered, when color is the only factor.

A few things to note when deciding between prefinished and unfinished wood floors:
  1. The quality of the actual finish will be far greater on a prefinished. Prefinished wood floors will usually have between 4-7 coats of Aluminum Oxide and or Polyurethane applied at the factory using several treatments that include heating and pressure. Not only will the finish be incomparably better on a prefinished wood, but the process also rids the wood of any excess moisture. There are some great custom wood flooring installers out there. Don't get me wrong! They just can't give you them same finish quality due to good ol' physics and chemistry.
  2. Manufacturer's give between a 5 and 25 year wear warranty and 5 and 15 years on the finish itself. If you go with a custom stained unfinished floor you will get a 1 year warranty at best.
  3. A custom prefinished floor will take a lot longer to install. The floor has the be "aired out" longer before the job, it has to be nailed down, then sanded, then stained, then finished, and then sometimes another finish is applied. It can be a week process sometimes. Prefinished oak floors are installed in less than half the time.
  4. Installing a prefinished hardwood floor produces less off gassing and VOC's than a custom unfinished version.
  5. Unfinished hardwood will have to be refinished much quicker than factory prefinished versions. Refinishing a floor is not an inexpensive project.

Don't get me wrong on this! It may seem like I'm knocking unfinished, custom wood flooring. If you want to have a custom floor that's great. However, you need to know the right flooring information so you can decide if it's really the right choice for you.

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