Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Flooring Specials In Stock

Beckler's Carpet in Dalton Ga has some new flooring deals in stock!

If you love the look of Asian Walnut hardwood flooring (as many do!) but need to stay with a limited budget, have we got something for you! For a limited time (as supplies last), Beckler's has a cabin grade, 1/2" think, glue or staple down, Asian Walnut hardwood floor. Since this is a cabin grade you will need to buy a little more than normal (around 10-15%). We are selling this new special at $2.49 per square foot! You won't find an Asian Walnut floor anywhere close to this price in the country. We have 2 colors available in this and only about 25,000 available, so give us a call, 1-800-232-5537 and we will gladly get you a sample out the door and on the way.

We also have a 12 mil, high gloss laminate that is similar in appearance to Grand Illusions. It's amazing how realistic this laminate looks. This product is going for under $3.00 a foot. We can send a sample of this as well.

Finally, we have a very unique laminate available for a short time that is a French Bleed design. If you have never seen this type of stain, it's highly unique. The grooves at the joints where the boards meet is caused by the excessive stain that puddles and darkens. This laminate truly replicates the look. For a very classy, high end look it's definitely worth seeing.

If you have any flooring needs please give us a call. Our discount carpet tile selection is larger than ever, and the specials on carpet, luxury vinyl planks, and other hard surface products have never been better. Call us at 1-800-232-5537.

If you are nearby in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Huntsville, or Birmingham, come see us, we are just a short drive away. Take exit 328 off of I75 and you will see us!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

P.E.T Carpet (Recycled Bottles) Specials In Stock

Beckler's in Dalton, Ga has added quite a bit of new P.E.T carpet to it's carpet specials offering. P.E.T carpet is made from primarily recycled plastic bottles (coke, water bottles etc). PET is a very robust carpet and an extremely good value for the price.

On our carpet special deals page you can find several PET carpet deals that are some of the best bang for the buck you will find anywhere. Sonora is a great looking frieze with a thick dense construction (50 ounces!). King's Court is a whopping 52 ounce textured plush that is not only thick and luxurious but very soft as well. Pricing is aggressive on these, so they won't last much longer.

These are one time buys that Becklers was able to get at low prices and pass along. We do have free samples of these, just call us and we will get you a sample coming, 1-800-232-5537.

Also, we have some great incoming deals on luxury vinyl plank and plan on posting those as soon as they come in. In the meantime, we have very cheap pricing on Earthwerks luxury vinyl plank if you are getting ready to do a project!

Give us a call at 1-800-232-5537 or visit our website!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Black and White Checkerboard Vinyl Flooring - Hard to Find? Not At Beckler's!

Black and White checkerboard vinyl flooring is still a popular choice. This is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, mudrooms, etc. Surprisingly, this type of flooring is also used for car shows (car enthusiasts roll up the vinyl and take it show to show to park their cars on for display). Another common place to see this is retail settings.

I've heard the comment that the black and white checkerboard is getting harder and harder to find. Well, it's pretty easy if you know where to look. Beckler's carpet offers Flexitec Luna pattern 599 as a great choice for black and white vinyl. Not only is it priced competitively, but the loose lay vinyl design lends itself to those wanting a do it yourself project. Another nice feature is the 13' 2" wide width that eliminates the need for seams in many rooms.

With a discount price under $9 per yard it's hard to beat! The price is cheap, but the Flexitec quality isn't.

Call us at Beckler's Carpet, 1-800-232-5537 for a quote and freight estimate. Remember, there is no sales tax when we ship out of Georgia! You can also visit our website at

If you are traveling through Dalton, we are off of I-75 at exit 328. We are just a short drive from Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham and Hunstville. Come see us!