Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiny Town Carpet Tile - Carpet with Roads for Cars and Trucks!

Tiny Town discount carpet tiles are awesome! For a child's room or playroom, these do it yourself carpet tiles are very cool and your children will love it! With beautiful detail to roads and buildings your kids can play with their cars and trucks on these carpet tiles for hours and hours.

Since these are actually carpet tiles and not rugs, you can use the to do an entire room or just put some together to create a rug, at $1.49 per square foot (while supplies last, we bought these at a super price!), these Tiny Town carpet tiles by Joy Carpet are a steal! The other nice thing is that the way these Tiny Town tiles are designed is that the seams don't show when you put them together. They even have a tacky back so you don't even need to glue or tape them down.
You can also use these day cares, church playrooms etc. Kids love these and you will too!
We currently have these in stock and ready to ship out. Give us a call at, 1-800-232-5537. Ask for Lamar Dixon or Beth Starks to help with a firm quote including shipping. You can also view these and others on our discount carpet tile page at our website
You can use carpet tiles almost anywhere and are an unbeatable value. Beckler's has a large inventory of these and many other types of cheap carpet squares. Give us a call on your next flooring project, 1-800-232-5537.

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