Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where is the Best Place to Buy Carpet?

Shopping for flooring and want to know where is the best place to buy carpet? Obviously I'm biased (hint,!) but let me layout the options you have and maybe you will see why it's better to buy from a carpet outlet in Dalton, Ga (hint 2, Beckler'!)

Option 1 - Buy carpet from one of the two large home improvement chains. Sure the convenience is there but that is where it ends. If you do some homework and are able to decipher and compare the private label styles, you will find that the pricing is high when compared to other name brand or other private labels at carpet outlets in Dalton. "But what about the great deals they have on installation for only $79 for a whole house?" Read the fine print. Want them to actually haul off the carpet (novel concept huh?)? It's an upcharge. Have stairs? It's an upcharge. Multiple seams? Bingo, upcharge. Just be sure to truly compare. If you are only shopping for convenience, these stores are for you if you don't mind paying quite a bit more than other options.

Option 2 - Is a local independent flooring store the best place to buy carpet? Maybe, maybe not. There are good ones out there. Once in a while you will find a flooring store that does have a knowledge and offers reasonable deals (hard to find though outside of Dalton). The problem with local dealers is that is a crap shoot. The convenience with these dealers is still a little better than shopping via web and phone with carpet outlets in Dalton, but the savings probably won't be there.

Option 3 - In most cases, the best place to buy carpet is a independent outlet in Dalton, Ga. There are several reasons (it's not just bias!). First, carpet outlets in Dalton, Ga stock more than stores out of town due to the volume of carpet sold daily in Dalton. Carpet is pretty much made in Dalton, so carpet specials, promotional goods, overruns, seconds, etc are bought up by the carpet outlets in Dalton and these goods have been marked up multiple times by the time they make it to your local dealer. If you're buying direct from these Dalton Ga carpet outlets you are getting the carpet long before numerous markups have been applied. Lastly, carpet prices in Dalton are very cutthroat. The large independent dealers are very aggressive with prices and give these same prices to anyone in the country, not just walk in customers.

At, 1-800-232-5537, we have been selling carpet at wholesale prices sine 1949. As a third generation, family owned carpet outlet we understand the industry and are able to find the best possible carpet specials out there. If you want to save money on your flooring, whether carpet, carpet squares, hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl planks and tile, we will do our best to help you come in under budget with a beautiful floor. The phone call is free and it only takes a minute to call us @ 1-800-232-5537. We look forward to hearing from you! has been flooring America since 1949!

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