Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dalton Ga Carpet Deals - Heavy Frieze Special

I have often heard the question "Can you really save money on carpet in Dalton, Ga?". The answer is of course you can! It's no different than buying furniture in North Carolina or Amish communities. If you go directly to where to carpet goods are made, chances are you will save a bunch on if you know how to shop.

The best way to find carpet deals in Dalton is to know what you want before you start. There are so many options and choices that it can become overwhelming if you aren't careful. On top of that, there are many carpet dealers and outlets in Dalton, Ga which just adds to the confusion on the consumers part. (Of course, at Beckler's Carpet we tend to think we are the best choice! 1-800-232-5537)

Step 1 is to decide on the type of carpet you want. For example, you may want a heavy frieze or shag. Or you may want a berber or velvet plush. If you know up front the type and color style, you will have ammo for shopping.

Step 2 is to decide how picky you want to be on the style. If you shop locally in your area first, you can pick a name brand like Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, Gulistan, Royalty, Masland or other major mills. Then pick a specific style and color number. Call a reputable dealer in Dalton and check the pricing versus your local dealers. By doing this type of shopping, you can probably save 15% or so. Remember that when carpet ships from Dalton to another state, there usually is no sales tax which will almost offset shipping charges. make sure to compare final costs to your local pricing. The local dealer will stress that you have to pay shipping to get the carpet, but they never tell you about the sales tax.

If you want to save even more, you don't shop by brand, but instead shop by style. If you call around or check on the web, you will find that Dalton, Ga carpet outlets and wholesalers offer specials that are from smaller carpet mills or may be overstocks, or discontinued product lines. They may very well have the right color in the same style you are looking for. These types of carpet deals can save you tremendous amounts, up to 50%.

For example, at Beckler's Carpet, we offer a carpet special that is called Rodeo Park. Rodeo Park is a very heavy, thick frieze carpet. It is around 50 ounces and feels like a million bucks! It has a luxurious feel and has a nice flecked look to match many neutral room decors. Beckler's sells this frieze for $10.99 per square yard. The equivalent at Home Depot, Lowe's, or your local dealer will run you around $19 per yard. There are all kinds of carpet deals and specials in Dalton like this, but you have to be flexible to take advantage of them. Any reputable carpet dealer in Dalton, will ship you out a free sample on their carpet specials. When shopping for these types of carpet deals and specials, make sure to ask if the carpet deal is first or second quality and about the warranty as well.

Shopping for carpet deals in Dalton, doesn't have to be confusing. At Beckler's Carpet, we try to make the selection and price a perfect match to what you are looking for. Please give us a call at 1-800-232-5537 and let us help save you money on your next floor covering project whether it is carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl or rugs!

As always, if you live nearby in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Knoxville or Nashville, come see us!


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