Monday, March 9, 2009

The buzz about frieze carpet

So what's all the craze in floorcovering about frieze carpet?

Frieze is a "new" twist (great pun!) on what was previously know as trackless carpet. It is has a look that hides trackmarks, shoeprints and vacuum marks. It is sort of a blend between a trackless and the old shag style of the 1970's.

Frieze carpet's look is created by infusing an somewhat irregular twist in the yarn structure. As compared to shag carpet, the yarn in Frieze is tighter and appears thinner. Frieze flooring also usually has a shorter pile height (overall height of the yarn) than the older shag versions.

You can get cheap frieze carpet in various styles. Solid colors are available as well as "flecked" options. The flecked options tend to hide dirt and tracking better than the solids in my opinion, but it's up to you what you like the look of better in your floorcovering.

Different Frieze styles come offered in all of the major yarn types. Nylon (best overall), Olefin (polypropylene), and Polyester. (I'll cover these different yarns in an upcoming blog with more flooring information).
For more flooring information about Frieze carpet and floorcovering visit or call 1-800-232-5537 for great options and pricing on Frieze or Shag carpet!

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