Monday, December 21, 2009

College Football Team Rugs - A Fun Way to Make a Bet With a Friend

College football team rugs are a fun and different way to make a friendly bet with a buddy on a bowl game. College football teams are gearing up for bowl games. Instead of betting your buddy a $100 that the University of Alabama beats The University of Texas in the National Championship game, make the bet for a college team rug! This kind of bet with a tangible prize not only adds fun but gives a little bragging rights! What could pain any more than not only spending money because you lost, but having to buy an opposing team rug for the winner!

The Milliken MyTeam college rug collection offers almost every Division 1 school, FBS and FCS series. With 4 indoor rugs sizes to choose from, a price point for almost any bet can be matched!
You can view here all of the Milliken College Football Team rugs, logos, and sizes.
Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, Ga has great pricing on these college football area rugs. Don't just make a bet this year for money, make it for a team rug and rub it in when you win.
Give us a call at Beckler's to check on pricing on these football school rugs. We can even give an estimate on shipping directly to your (or your buddy's) home. 1-800-232-5537

For a piece of trivia, Auburn and Penn State are the only two that have the option of choosing three logos. There are even two different logos for Montana State. With a wide selection, you will certainly find the school you're looking for in a college football area rug. has been flooring America since 1949! 1-800-232-5537

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