Friday, December 4, 2009

Does Armstrong Grand Illusions really look like real hardwood flooring?

Does Armstrong's Grand Illusions Laminate look like real hardwood? YES!

Don't take my word for it, let Beckler's Carpet send you a free sample and look at it yourself. Grand Illusions by Armstrong and Bruce Park Avenue Laminates look like the real thing for several reasons. The patterns that they both use are extremely random. So the grains don't create a repeating pattern across the room. The high gloss finish (some call it a piano finish) gives the same look as a high gloss hardwood floor. These laminate styles, Grand Illusions and Park Avenue, have extremely detailed board character regards less of the "wood" species you select. If you want the ease of lock and fold installation and floating floors and desire the look of the real thing, then you should start your search with these two options. A nice side feature is the thickness of these two laminates gives a similar sound to walking on wood floors as well.

A few notes to consider:

1. These are HIGH gloss finishes. They look amazing. ALL high gloss finishes whether, laminate, real hardwood, or tile require more cleaning. A high gloss finish will show much more dirt, foot prints etc than a low gloss finish. When it's clean it will look like a million bucks, but plan on cleaning a high gloss floor more often than low gloss floor. It's the same principle with Black cars. They look great if they are spotless and are show stoppers. However, black cars look dirtier much quicker than other colors.

2. Grand Illusions and Park Avenue are high performance, high quality laminate floors. However, virtually any floor can scratch, dent or chip if something is dropped on it or you drag a refrigerator or stove over it, even hardwood floors. Just keep in mind that these floors can scratch etc just like others. If you want the look of real wood but are worried about scratches, chips, etc, you should be looking at Luxury Vinyl Planks instead. Start with Karndean, Mannington Adura, Or Nafco planks.

Beckler's Carpet in Dalton, Ga carries both Grand Illusions by Armstrong and Bruce Park Avenue. For great deals on both of these floors and many others, it's worth a phone call to us! Call us at 1-800-232-5537. You can also visit our website We have been flooring America since 1949 and look forward to hearing from you.

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