Monday, June 8, 2009

Discount Outdoor Carpet-What are the Options?

Discount Carpet used outdoors is an extremely popular flooring product, but rarely seems to get the glamour and buzz of the other floor types. Outdoor carpet is sort of like the blue collar product of the flooring world. It's out in the sun all day and hard working but gets very little love from those of us in the industry. If you're looking to buy Outdoor Carpet, you might be surprised at the different styles available and popular uses of this type of carpet. There are three primary types of Outdoor Carpet.

• Grass (Synthetic)- Grass is not just used for golfing activities, but also has other ways it can be used. Often people use a grass product around decks, pools, boat docks, and even use when camping for laying outside the tent or RV to keep the area cleaner for entering the sleeping area or setting up camp. Grass can also be used in retail product displays. Popular colors are Green, Blue and Black.

• Loop - Outdoor Loop Carpet is usually thought of as the most attractive of the Outdoor Carpet products. It has a look and feel to commercial carpet with tight, tiny ribbed loops. It creates a wonderful look for covered porches, decks and as the other types of Outdoor Carpet and rugs, is very popular with campers. Popular colors are Brown, Charcoal, Black, Light Grey, and Dark Red.

• Cut Pile – Cut pile Outdoor Carpets have smooth, flat textures or can even seem soft and fuzzy. This type of Outdoor Carpet is comfortable on bare feet and does great on porches, decks and is the most used for boat carpet. The non loop style does well because of keeping fish hooks from hanging on the carpet.

There are two primary types of backing used for Outdoor Carpet.

• Unitary backing - This backing is sprayed on. The main material used is a special latex that works well under the elements and it is fine for this to get wet. Unitary is widely used on Loop and Cut pile products.

• Marine backing – An very flexible backing that feels like thin rubber. This type of backing works great for areas that would stay constantly wet or areas that you would need a very pliable product for installation, like boats or stairs. This backing is used primarily on Grass products. has tons of in stock deals on Outdoor carpet. Many of these don't make it to our website because the inventory specials turn so quickly. If you are in the market to buy an Outdoor Carpet or rug, be sure to call us at Beckler's Carpet, 1-800-232-5537. We are open on Saturdays from 9am until 4pm, Eastern, for added shopping convenience. Call us or stop by and see us if you need any flooring or floorcovering information.

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