Monday, June 15, 2009

Carpet Flooring Tiles and Squares

Cheap Carpet flooring tiles and squares are very popular right now., 1-800-232-5537, has a new shipment coming in this week of Carpet Tiles and Squares in off goods that will be priced at less than half the cost of first quality! These will be a variety of tile and squares ranging from commercial for use in offices or even basements, residential for use anywhere in a home, and we will even have some outdoor carpet tiles (great for screened in porches, patios, etc).

Off good carpet squares and tiles are rated as non first quality. They may have a blemish on the backing, the pattern on the face may be slightly off color or skewed, sometimes there may be a "line" in the carpet where a line of carpet is lighter or darker than the others. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to carpet or add floorcovering to a room, this is a way to go. Carpet tiles and squares have built in padding so you don't even need to buy or install padding. Just grab some double stick tape and get to work!

A unique concept that was started by consumers was to buy 2 or 3 patterns or colors and do a checkerboard design. These squares and designs look amazing when installed and also help to hide any blemish or pattern issues with the off goods. If you're looking for an inexpensive option for your bonus room or small office, these are a super alternative for flooring.

We plan to get these on the web in the next week and a half. Be sure to check our site at for updates, or call if you like! For more flooring information from Dalton Ga, keep up with the blog!

For more information on Carpet Tiles and Squares, be sure to check out the post from May.

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