Monday, June 15, 2009

Carpet Tiles and Squares-Dalton GA-How to Save Money

In Dalton, GA, Carpet tiles and Squares have become highly popular but are often misunderstood. Carpet Squares were invented to provide a quick fix for high traffic flooring spaces when an area became unusable, stained, worn or dirty. The bad tile or squares could be removed an new carpet square could be inserted with a double faced tape or a small amount of glue. This floorcovering idea took off and became a mainstream flooring option. The tile trend has even found it’s way into the residential segment as popular Do-It-Yourself project for homeowners, churches, and small business owners. Carpet Squares and Tiles are now being used not only in offices, hotels, restaurants, churches etc, but also in playrooms, basement areas, bonus rooms, and even bedrooms.

Carpet tiles and squares are probably the easiest flooring to install but they are not always the least expensive option unless you really check into it and do your homework. First quality tiles can end up costing more than the total price of carpet, padding and installation combined. That’s where the secret of saving money on carpet squares and tiles comes in. If you've considered using carpet tiles and squares, be sure to look at off goods, seconds, and promotional carpet squares! These will not only install easily, but will also be a lower total cost for the project than pretty much any other option. You may be wondering, "What is an off good or second in carpet tiles?" Any tile that cannot be sold as first quality, can be considered a second, third, or general off good. These flooring industry terms can mean different things but here's a breakdown of what makes a Carpet Square or Tile a non-first quality product.

• If the tile is patterned, the pattern could be slightly skewed, off center, or have irregular shapes to the design.

• If the square is a solid or semi-solid color but is off color or might have a streak that is lighter or darker than the rest of the carpet square.

• You may see a plush style that has a thin loop line. This line is where the machine did not properly cut the loop as it was designed to.

• Occasionally, you can get a tile or square that has some irregularities in the padding or backing. Most cases aren't an issue. However, if you have a tile that does have a backing problem, just cut the bad part off and use the rest, or you can use it as the tile that is on the outside next to the wall or in a closet!

• If the backing is starting to separate from the carpet, you can use a little glue in the spot where it is separating. If it is a significant amount, just cut the bad part out and use the remainder against the wall.

A tip when using off goods carpet tiles and squares is to not only buy extra, but to also consider using two or three different colored or patterned squares. You can create a really cool checkerboard look that will add style to the room as well as hide blemishes in any of the tiles. has just received a new truckload of off good carpet tiles. Normally these tiles would run between $6 and $9 per foot. Owen carpet is selling these for as low as $0.69/per foot!!! We have all varieties of seconds in residential carpet tiles, commercial carpet squares, and even some outdoor tiles. Be sure to call us at 1-800-232-5537 as these won't last long. Beckler's Carpet in Dalton is also now open on Saturdays as well from 9AM until 4Pm for extra shopping time in person or over the phone. We hope you come back for more carpet tile and square flooring information!

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