Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking for Arcade, Game room or Nightclub Carpet?

Arcade, Game Room and Nightclub Carpet is a niche product offering for It's not something a typical flooring consumer thinks of. However, if you're remodeling or building a new game room center, arcade, or nightclub the right carpet can make or break the entire look you're trying to create.

Usually floorcovering used in the areas is bright, colorful and sometimes even fluorescent (glows under a black light!). If you spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on an investment in one of these establishments, you want the floor to make the room jump out and make a statement and fit with the theme. Putting standard carpet into an arcade can give the subliminal drab feeling. If you want people to spend money you need to spice it up! Just look at the floor in most casinos. It usually will be patterned and a little "loud" but not to the point that it takes away from the theme. A correct look will add to the feel of the room but not distract the audience.

Nightclubs will usually select a slightly strong pattern, but with just a few colors to add a "cool" look, sometimes fluorescent, sometimes not. Game rooms and Arcades typically go with the more bold patterns with stronger colors to give that feeling of excitement and keep customers in the room longer.

A common practice for the smaller mills that produce Kids Educational Classroom rugs is to also manufacture printed carpet for use in Arcades, Nightclubs, Bars and Game Rooms. The machinery is basically the same top produce both types of carpeting., 1-800-232-5537, sells several styles of carpet for use in Arcades, Gaming areas and after hour clubs. The best way to find the deals is to just call us Monday through Friday, 8:30am until 6pm or even on Saturdays 9am til 4pm. We will be glad to send you a free sample on most anything we have as well! Give us a call for help or more flooring information on your next project!

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