Sunday, August 30, 2009

College Team Rugs - It's Football time!

Well it's finally here! I thought I wouldn't make it through the offseason of recruiting, spring practice, scrimmages etc, but I did. I really pumped up about college football starting up this week. With the season just starting, a lot of people will be looking to buy college team rugs or NFL rugs. The My Team series of Milliken offers a HUGE variety of teams from Texas to Tennessee, from Alabama to Arizona. We seem to get a lot of requests for SEC Schools and Big 10 schools. Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan are usually to the biggest requested mats and rugs. The My Team series, offers sizes from 3' by 4' all the way up to 11' by 13'. You can get your team logo, or your team's logo on a football field rug or a basketball court as well. These college rugs are officially licensed by the NCAA as well so you know you're getting the real deal on a Milliken My Team rug.

This Milliken Carpet line also offers full room sized carpet! If you're a hardcore fan you can go all out and do the perfect man cave that all of your buddies will be envious of!

NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA teams are available too. Of course with College Football teams taking the field next weekend, we can put off the other sports for a little while huh?

If you're itching to support your team and want to be ready for the big game don't just get the big screen TV, add a college team rug and put the room over the top! Give us a call at, 1-800-232-5537 and let us help you pick the right one out. We can ship anywhere in the nation and have you're rug there in no time.

Keep us in mind for all of your Dalton, Ga flooring information needs!

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