Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lyptus Wood Flooring - A New Eco Friendly Hardwood

Lyptus wood flooring, made from Eucalyptus trees is poised to be a big trend in hardwood floors. Recently introduced, it solves the dilemma of wanting an exotic hardwood floor but without the worries of harming the environment.

Why is Lytpus hardwood considered an Eco product? First of all, Lyptus flooring comes from trees in Brazil that are grown and harvested on FSC (Forresty Stewardship Council) managed farms. With that certification, you can rest assured that responsible harvesting and replanting are taking place. However, the biggest advantage is Eucalyptus trees reach maturity for harvest around 14- 16 years, as compared to Oak around 100 years. You might be thinking that this is still longer than Bamboo harvesting which is around 5 years. You're right, however this is real hardwood, not grass that has been glued together to simulate a hard surface!

If you are interested, what are the options? It is pretty limitless! You can get Lyptus in both solid and engineered (both can be refinished), factory - prefinished or unfinished, stained or natural, and in widths ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches.

The look of Lyptus has been compared to Mahogany. I also personally think it is a dead ringer for unstained Brazilian Cherry or Kempas. We just featured the Lyptus wood this weekend at the Chattanooga Home Show and the look received BIG reviews from flooring shoppers.

Pricing ranges from the high $2 to $6 per foot window depending on the option you choose.

For more factory information on Lyptus wood you can visit You can see the various colors and stains available as well as learn more about Lyptus.

When you see something you like, give a call, 1-800-232-5537 and let us get pricing and a FREE sample for you!

Of course we carry all other types of Hardwood flooring and other Eco options as well. We hope to hear from you soon!

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