Monday, September 7, 2009

Modular Carpet Squares

What's the best way to save money on Modular Carpet Squares? You can shop til' you drop to try and find the best price on carpet squares and tiles, but there is a trick to finding great, hidden deals on this exciting popular flooring trend.

1. If you find a specific style you want locally or on a website such as Shaw, Milliken, or Interface Flor, and then try to compare that across various dealers, you are still working off of a high bar. First quality, running line modular carpet squares and tiles are expensive, very expensive. Some of these can run as much as $6 a foot! Large flooring dealers work on tight markups, the best price you may find over another on first quality goods may only save you an additional 15%.

2. Try a dealer (obviously, !) that stocks in quantity, seconds, overruns and promotionals in modular carpet tiles and squares. By going with off goods and clearance tiles, you will save from 30% to 60%. If you aren't super picky, chances are you will be able to find a color and pattern that will work in these types of closeouts on the modular squares.

3. For a phenomenal price, if the goal is to have a floor that is functional and cool looking, consider going with an assorted lot or batch of tiles. This is a truly modular approach. Many flooring dealers who wholesale carpet squares will have very small lots of 5 or less tiles. These are hard to sell as they aren't enough to do a room or even mix with another color to complete a job. You can get these very small lots and singles for prices you wouldn't even believe. What you can do is go with a rainbow assortment, use light and dark squares to contrast (this is a neat look!) or go with a primary color scheme, such as blue, earth tones etc. By using a primary color, even though all the tiles are different shades, or patterns, they will blend as you put them down. At, in Dalton, GA, we have these assorted squares as well.

Whether your project is a small basement or a large office complex, you can use these techniques to save a bundle on your next flooring project! We hope you give us a call for Modular carpet squares and tiles. We know we can save you money, just give us a shot! 1-800-232-5537. Tell your sales person you saw it on the blog!

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