Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Earthwerks Vintage Wood Look Plank - Awesome look with Great Performance

Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring has a unique series of luxury vinyl plank called Vintage. Vintage has two colors, Light Grey and a "Washed Gunstock" Brown. Both simulate a Barnwood, rustic look.

These are pretty specific looks that recreate a very worn look without the hassle of using real wood. In the right room, or even storefront setting, this look can give a cabin feel or an outdoors aura.

The nice thing is that this vinyl product uses what is called registered embossing. This means that not only do you see knots and grains in the simulated wood, but you can also feel them. It's very impressive that Earthwerks can design a product that looks so real and performs so amazing.

The benefits to luxury vinyl by Earthwerks and other manufacturers is that this new style of vinyl out performs virtually every other floor choice on the market.

It's hard to scratch. Great for pets.

Water spills and even leaks do not harm the product. Hint, Kitchens, Basements, and Bathrooms!

Nearly impossible to chip, break or crack.

Easy cleaning. Sweep and damp mop occasionally.

Warm on the feet, unlike wood and ceramic tile.


Mold Resistant.

As stain resistant as Laminate. Way more resistant than wood.

I've been racking my brain on where this series would look great. Some ideas might be in a home with a weathered look. The gray would look great in a sunroom in a beachfront home with the right layout as well. Cabins are an obvious choice. Also, a gentleman's study or office would be a nice setting for this. Any sporting goods store would look great with this product as well.

For more styles and looks, you can visit the main site of Earthwerks at http://www.earthwerks.net/.

If you would like to see a sample or get pricing be sure to call us at BecklersCarpet.com in Dalton, GA, 1-800-232-5537!

We ship all over the country and there is no sales tax when shipped outside GA. We give some of the best pricing you will find anywhere in the country and will save you money! We look forward to hearing from you.

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