Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheap Hardwood Deals on BR111 and Other Exotic Wood Flooring

Dalton, Ga is known for great deals on cheap flooring, most notably carpet. However, did you know that some of the best deals on hardwood can be found in Dalton on major brands such as BR111, Bruce, Mullican and others? Yes, the deals can as good or even better than the liquidators and salvage stores that seem to have different inventory each week and those deals are only on lesser quality seconds and off color goods.

Beckler's Carpet has been a long standing pioneer in the hardwood flooring wholesale and retail market since 1949. As one of Dalton's originals, Beckler's always has aggressive deal pricing on major brands of prefinished hardwood flooring. Beckler's also brings in large buys from around the country and world to bring you even cheaper prices on specials such as large buys of Mullican or even exotic hardwood flooring species like Asian Walnut. In fact the 4 colors we have currently in stock are not only the most beautiful floor we have had in years but also the strongest value in hardwood that you will find.

If you're getting ready to start on a hardwood flooring project for your home or business, be sure to call us at, 1-800-232-5537 and let us help you get the best deal on hardwood flooring!

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