Sunday, November 29, 2009

What and Where to Buy Carpet Flooring for an RV Camper

I have run across many a camper and RV'er who isn't really sure on where to start for the two most popular needs that a camper runs across.

The first type of flooring that I get asked about is where to get an outdoor piece of carpet for putting outside a travel trailer, 5th wheel camper or a pop up camper. It's pretty simple, just locate a flooring store that stocks outdoor carpet or grass. Usually, outdoor carpet and grass carpet is pretty inexpensive. Both come available in 6ft and 12ft widths. Normally for putting something right outside a camper, 6 foot wide goods will work just fine. You can even use boat carpet which is sometimes available in 8 foot widths. Outdoor carpet, artificial grass or turf and boat carpet are all suited well for getting wet and also extremely flexible and pliable for folding up and taking with you when you're done camping. You should be able to buy any of these types of flooring and carpet for around $4.99 a yard, maybe even less if you find someone that sells carpet seconds and offgoods in these products. Beckler's Carpet in Dalton Ga, usually has good deals on grass carpet and outdoor carpet as well, 1-800-232-5537. A hint is that 6 foot wide products are much easier and cheaper to ship around the country.

If you are looking to put new carpet in your rv or camper, you might want to consider using commercial carpet tiles. They can be cheap (Beckler's sells them as little as $.89 per square foot) and easy to install. With some double sided tape or adhesive dots, you can put them in an RV camper in little time and with minimal effort. The plus side is that they don't mind a little water on them if you're tracking in from outside and they can be removed later for pressure washing if they get too dirty. Commercial carpet tiles also have a low pile height so they shouldn't interfere with being to thick to install. These tiles also handle heavy traffic extremely well.

I hope this gives you an idea on what to consider! I plan on getting a travel trailer or pop up soon myself so I hope to see you on the road somewhere!

Be sure to call us at, 1-800-232-5537 and let us have a shot at your next flooring project.

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