Friday, July 17, 2009

Commercial Carpet Tiles - Factory Irregulars and seconds

A great way to save money on Cheap Commercial Carpet tiles is by considering factory irregulars, seconds, off goods and promotionals. Why pay $3-$9 per foot on flooring when you can pay $.89/per foot (or even less if you're willing to go with a true checker board look with individual tiles)?

Carpet Manufacturers produce large amounts of commercial carpet tiles and squares. Sometimes tiles can be off color or have a pattern slightly skewed. Also, over time a style me be discontinued. The flooring producers must off load these at a discount. The dealers that have access to these deals pass these on to the consumer at a great price. If you can be a little creative and flexible you can save hundreds or even thousands on your flooring project using these cheap tiles and squares.

BecklersCarpet .com has recently brought in a trailer of off goods and another trailer of first quality promotional squares. We have them sorted and ready to go at $.89 per foot. We have most of the styles on the web for the off goods but the promotionals are flying off the shelf so fast we can't get them on the web quick enough so you may need to call and inquire about these. You can reach at 1-800-232-5537 Monday through Friday until 6pm and Saturdays 9am til 4pm. If you live in Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Knoxville or Nashville, we encourage you to come visit us to pick them out yourself at our warehouse and showroom in Dalton GA!

The cool thing about Carpet Squares is that you can create a truly unique floor with a pattern all your own by using different colors and patterns to design the room. By laying them out before you use tape or glue you can rearrange them until you get the look and style just right. We have seen some amazing designs put together. We also plan on putting some examples of these on our website to help give you an idea or two!

I've heard about a new aerosol adhesive that may have potential for making carpet tiles even easier to install (as if they weren't easy already!). We are checking into it and will pass along this flooring information as soon as we can evaluate it!

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